Somewhere in the universe there's a place called Buryatia. You can find it on the globe - just look at the blue half-moon shaped lake Baikal, very close to Russian, Mongolian and Chinese borders .

At the east end of Baikal there's a city called Ulan-Ude. That's where I come from. I can also say that I come from the Soviet Union - all my years in school I was a Pioneer, then Komsomol member. Perestroika which happened so unexpectedly destroyed the usual way successful young people went into the Soviet Party.

I was lucky enough to travel to Spain at the age of 17 and at the time when it was very hard to go abroad from the Soviet Union. The trip impressed me so much I thought of studying foreign languages.

So, after a few years at the Buryat University I learnt English pretty well thanks to my teachers.

Then followed 2 years in Shenyan, Nothern China. I took some lessons of Chinese, explored new, wonderful world to me. I just loved this country. When graduating from Buryat University my diploma work was about new great Chinese reformation.

At this moment I live in the Bay Area of California, and believe it's the best place on Earth.

My article about parenting was published in the local Bay Area non-profit magazine. You can view it here.



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